Realm is a cloud-based member website. It is where we can register for events, take class attendance, manage our profiles, view the church directory, make a contribution or tithe, post ideas, questions, prayer requests, etc. in our group(s), view and track your current contribution statement… Realm is RCA Church online!

Getting Started

Realm accounts requires: your full name, your email address and your birth date.

Realm uses your full name and email address to confirm that you are you. If the church doesn’t have that information on file, you will not be able to create an account. If that’s you, please contact the church office with that information and we’ll add you.

The reason for the birth date is due to federal law, specifically the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). All Realm users are required to be 13-years-old and older, which is why Realm asks for your date-of-birth. If you don’t want your age displayed in your profile, no worries! Realm will only display your birth date — not your birth year.

The ‘Realm Connect’ App

The mobile app for Realm is called ‘Realm Connect’ and can be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet for free from your app store (iTunes or Google Play).